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amika's NEW on lock high hold hair wax

Hold up…we have a NEW styling product added to our hold collection. Meet on lock high hold hair wax! This product has been requested directly from our stylists, and we were happy to oblige. This pliable pomade is perfect for all hair types looking to manage flyaways, style shorter hair smooth braids, create a sleek pony, and more. Whether you’re a stylist looking to add this must-have to your kit or channeling your inner hairstylist looking to give your own hair a zhoosh…we’ve got you on lock.  

on lock high hold hair wax: the 411

What it is: This shea butter-infused, workable wax provides high hold definition, resulting in a natural finish on wet or dry hair. Its buildable + versatile formula is ideal for shorter styles, braiding, and sleek ponies. ​It’s a must-have for stylists’ kits, and an easy-to-use product on yourself!  

​Who it’s for: On lock high hold hair wax is great for all hair types, but ideal for shorter styles, braiding, sleek ponies, and any styles that require taming flyaways.  

hair hacks unlocked

So…how do you use our newest styling product? Keep reading for a breakdown! 

For piecey waves, take a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub them together to warm and emulsify the wax. work through hair using your fingers for added definition. ​ 

Apply half a pinky fingernail-sized amount of wax to the tips of your fingers before braiding, for a smoother look free of flyaways.​ According to our pro educator Aoife, “[on lock] is super moisturizing, and gives you a nice light shine—but not too shiny. It’s a perfect way to slick it back without having too much residue in there.”  

For a sleek pony, apply a dime-sized amount of wax onto the hairline and comb through with a dense brush to slick it back. Secure with an elastic, then use any excess wax to tame flyaways.​  

Create clean partings by running the wax along the part​. 

Add texture to natural waves. On damp hair, apply wax and loose braid it, let it air dry or diffuse it

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In addition to on lock, our hold collection also has two hairsprays to add to your styling repertoire: fluxus touchable hairspray and headstrong intense hold hair spray. 

fluxus touchable hairspray: A flexible working hairspray for stay-all-day style that you'll still be able to run your fingers through. 

headstrong intense hold hairspray: A strong-hold, fast-drying finishing hairspray. 

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Let us know how you like on lock in the comments below!