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busting myths about purple shampoo

If you’re thinking about going blonde, it is no small feat! And if you have been blonde before or are currently blonde, you know there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to care for your blonde strands. Transparency is our BFF, which is why we’re going to be busting some myths out there about blonde products and blonde hair so you can live your happiest blonde life. 

myth 1: toning my hair will make it lighter

A common misconception is that toning your hair will make it appear blonder, and that’s definitely not the case! Toning actually  corrects, it does not add lightness. Toners neutralize the brassy tones, but it only appears lighter because the existing warmth is being eradicated. Feeling the need to be brighter and lighter? We suggest making an appointment with your stylist to figure out a plan for your desired end look. 

myth 2: purple shampoo will dye my hair purple

When used correctly, purple shampoo will not turn your hair purple, but will instead color correct and neutralize any unwanted brassy tones. If a toning product is left on too long, that is when you will see hair starting to turn purple. 

myth 3: purple shampoos are drying

Now this may be the case for some other purple shampoos out there, but not for our new bust your brass repair shampoo and conditioner. Used together as a system, this wash duo is clinically proven to tone unwanted brassy hues while resulting in 86% more repair, 55% less breakage, and stronger, healthier-looking hair.  

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Sold out

Our new formula includes key ingredients such as bond cure technology, plant butters, and vegan proteins; all of the same amazing ingredients that can be found in our repair collection! We know blondes need a little extra help in the moisture and repair department, so we added these ingredients to take our reformed wash set and new mask to the next level.

myth 4: all blonde maintenance and routines are the same

If you’ve read our article about blonde routines, you could spot and bust this myth from a mile away. There’s a lot of information out there on the internet about how to take care of blonde hair, but the truth is, routines should really be customized to hair type, porosity, and the kind of color service that’s being done. For example, someone who is going for a full head of platinum blonde will not have the same routine as someone with balayage. Additionally, hair porosity heavily affects the type of routine you will have. High porosity hair absorbs more water, while low porosity hair does not. This is important to take into account when using toning products.  

Heard any other blonde myths you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!