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a scalp detox must-have for happy hair and scalp

We spend a lot of precious time (and money!) on our faces. You know the drill: cleanse, moisturize, SPF, and repeat...and that’s if you’re not following a 10-step K-beauty regimen! It’s about time we show our scalps some love with a scalp detox—after all, your scalp is skin too.

Why spend time on your scalp? This often-forgotten region of the body is prone to buildup from styling products, dead skin cells, plus pollution, and the list doesn’t end there. All that buildup = an oily scalp and dull, greasy hair. If you’re plagued by those strand concerns, a scalp detox is in order. Deeply cleansing the skin on your head can help reset your scalp, restore moisture balance, and leave you feeling fresher longer.

scalp detox essential: reset pink charcoal scalp cleansing oil